My family and I want to personally welcome you to our Hearing Aid Center.

Robby Young’s Hearing Aid Center . It’s been 38 fantastic years for us helping those with hearing loss right here in the Coachella Valley. And we hope to continue serving you and your families for many more years! Please come in and see our new location on Hwy 111 and Portola in Palm Desert! We would love the chance to show you why we are truly the most honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable family in the Hearing Aid Industry you will meet. We will show you what it truly means to be part of a “family” as we take the best care of you and your family.

It’s our unique dedication to our patients! It’ our compassion with true understanding. It’s our dedication to strive after the best technology available and bring it to our patients. And it’s our efforts to provide the best technology at competitive prices. We truly are dedicated to our patients and we love what we do!

We have been here through it all. From the large hearing aids you remember your grandmother wearing….to the tiniest IIC’s recently released. In fact one of the most exciting times we can remember in the hearing world was in 1996. This is when Widex created Senso the first l00% digital Hearing Aid. We were there learning the new technology and pushing forward in this industry. The product made a huge impact on so many of our patients lives. And now Widex has created the BEYOND product. It is amazing to have so many patients come back and tell me how they LOVE their new hearing aids. They LOVE the clarity with speech. They LOVE being able to golf without the wind noise. And we are so proud to be a part of bringing this joy to them in today’s digital world.

What Awards have been given to you and your family?

We are so proud to have received the Widex Platinum recognition Award for 10 yrs in a row. This Platinum award from Widex Hearing Aids is for exceptional performance in fitting the latest technology. The award reflects a high level of expertise in fitting and programming of the most advanced hearing instruments available.

We are also very proud to have received The 2016 Circle of Excellence Award. Out of about 1500 Hearing Aid Centers nationwide, we were 1 of only a few office to receive this prestigious award. “Circle of Excellence Award” given to the practice with the highest patient satisfaction and was created to recognize those who exhibit excellence in all aspects of hearing care.  The Circle of Excellence program identifies the ‘best of the best’ . What an honor it was for us to be recognized for our years of dedication. We hope to see you soon!!!!!!